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IBD - Boid Inclusion Body Disease & Snake Arenavirus

WELCOME TO THE IBD (Boid Inclusion Body Disease)

John Fowler & Rachel Barnes

Boid Inclusion Body Disease also referred to as IBD or BIBD mainly affects Boas and Pythons, and is always eventually fatal in pythons.
There is no known cure.
Exotic (to Australia) reptiles, and snake mite are often implicated in the spread of the disease.
The disease has been found in the wild as well as captivity in Australia and is possibly widespread.
To combat the spread of this disease it is important to quarantine any new reptiles to ensure they are not infected with mite.
Pythons should be quarantined for 6 months
Note that Boas may carry the disease without showing symptoms.
Snake Arenavirus is closely linked to IBD


Inclusion Body Disease (IBD) and the discovery of Snake Arenavirus
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Inclusion Body Disease (IBD) in Pythons:
a Reminder of the Importance of Quarantine
Brian Bush


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