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A Listing of Boas of the World

Includes Mauritius Snakes or Splitjaw Snakes
(Round Island Boas)

Order Boidae

Estuarine or Salt-Water Crocodile - Crocodylus porosus


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Common Name

Scientific Name

Amaral’s Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor amarali

Red-tailed Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor constrictor

Common Northern Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor imperator

Tumbes Peru Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor longicauda

Ecuadorian Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor melanogaster

Dominican Clouded Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor nebulosa

Argentine Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor occidentalis

St. Lucia Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor orophias

Orton’s Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor ortonii

Pearl Island Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor sabogae

Duméril’s Boa

Acrantophis dumerili

Madagascar Ground Boa

Acrantophis madagascariensis

*Madagascar Tree Boa

Sanzinia (was Boa) manditra

New Guinean Boa or Viper Boa

Candoia aspera

Solomon Island Tree Boa

Candoia bibroni australis

Fiji Boa

Candoia bibroni bibroni

Pacific Boa

Candoia carinata carinata

Paulson’s Bevelnosed Boa

Candoia carinata paulsoni

Palau Bevelnosed Boa

Candoia superciliosa

Northern Annulated Tree Boa

Corallus annulatus annulatus

Ecuadorian Annulated Tree Boa

Corallus annulatus blombergi

Colombian Annulated Tree Boa

Corallus annulatus colombianus

Emerald Tree Boa

Corallus caninus

Cook’s Tree Boa

Corallus cookii

Cropan’s Boa

Corallus cropanii

Grenadian Tree Boa

Corallus grenadensis

Amazon tree Boa

Corallus hortulanus

Central American Tree Boa

Corallus ruschenbergerii

Cuban Tree Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) angulifer

Argentine Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria alvarezi (or Epicrates alvarezi)

*Bahamian Silver Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) argentum

Caatinga Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria assisi (or Epicrates assisi)

Marajo Island Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria barbouri

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria cenchria

Paraguayan Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria crassus (or Epicrates crassus)

Peruvian Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria gaigei

Espirito Santo Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria hygrophilus

Colombian Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria maurus (or Epicrates maurus)

Central Highland Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria polylepis

Turks & Caicos Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) chrysogaster chrysogaster

Great Inagua Island Boa

Epicrates chrysogaster relicquus

Acklins Island Boa

Epicrates chrysogaster schwartzi

Abaco Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) exsul

St. Nicholas Ground Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) fordii agametus

Haitian Ground Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) fordii fordii

Haitian Ground Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) fordii manototus

Haitia Tree Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) gracilis gracilis

Coastal Tree Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) gracilis hapalus

Puerto Rican Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) inornatus

Virgin Island tree Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) monensis granti

Mona Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) monensis monensis

Cat Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus ailurus

Tiburon Peninsula Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus exagistus

Bimini Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus fosteri

Andros Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus fowleri

Ragged Island Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus mccraniei

Hispaniolan Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus striatus

New Providence Island Boa

Epicrates striatus strigilatus (or Chilabothrus strigilatus)

Tortuga Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus warreni

Jamaican Boa

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) subflavus

Bolivian Anaconda, or Beni Anaconda

Eunectes beniensis (status uncertain)

Dark-spotted Anaconda or De Schauensee’s Anaconda

Eunectes deschauenseei

Green Anaconda

Eunectes murinus gigas

Green Anaconda

Eunectes murinus murinus

Yellow Anaconda

Eunectes notaeus

Northern Rubber Boa

Charina bottae

Calabar Boa (Note that although this species is often called a Calabar python, it is actually a Boa!) THIS SPECIES LAYS EGGS

Calabaria (was Charina) reinhardtii

Desert Rosy Boa

Charina trivirgata gracia

Coastal Rosy Boa

Charina trivirgata roseofusca

Mexican Rosy Boa

Charina trivirgata trivirgata

Southern Rubber Boa

Charina umbratica

Central Asia Sand Boa

Eryx elegans

Javelin Sand Boa

Eryx jaculus


Eryx jayakari

Indian Sand Boa

Eryx johnii

Dwarf Sand Boa

Eryx miliaris

Somalian Sand Boa

Eryx somalicus

Tartar Sand Boa

Eryx tataricus speciosus

Tartar Sand Boa

Eryx tataricus tataricus

Tartar Sand Boa

Eryx tataricus vittatus

Whitaker's Sand Boa

Eryx whitakeri

Egyptian Sand Boa or Kenyan Sand Boa

Gongylophis colubrinus

Rough-scaled Sand Boa

Gongylophis conicus


Gongylophis muelleri

Round Island Boas
(also called Mauritius snakes and splitjaw snakes) are no longer regarded as Boas (Boidae family) and are now in the Bolyeriidae family.

Common Name

Scientific Name

Round Island burrowing Boa
(Presumed extinct -Last seen in 1975)

Bolyeria multocarinata

Round Island Ground Boa

Casarea dussumieri 


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